Tasks of the Museums

Exhibitions are just one part of the museums' work. Under the Danish Museum Act, all state-owned and state-subsidised museums must help to secure Denmark's cultural and natural heritage in five ways:


The museums must add relevant new objects and documentation material to their collections.


The museums must register the objects and material collected. Knowledge of exhibits, etc. must be accessible.


The museums must ensure that their collections are preserved for posterity. Objects and archives must be stored in suitable conditions, and objects must be conserved as required.


The museums are research institutions and must seek to gain new insights into their respective areas.


The museums must disseminate their knowledge and collections.

Additional tasks

In addition, the cultural heritage museums are engaged in preserving the cultural heritage of Denmark's countryside and towns and cities. For example, they must advise local authorities in connection with the planning of new construction works, etc. and undertake the necessary archaeological investigations.

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