Research libraries

The Danish Agency for Culture works on behalf of research libraries, focussing among other things on the compilation of statistical data, and on the administration of the law on library activities and how it relates to research libraries.

The Danish Agency for Culture also has responsibility for advising ministries on performance contracts, and is the driving force behind cooperation, supporting cooperation on technical standards, responding to judicial matters and coordinating interloan library collaboration, national transportation system and

Development tasks are mainly coordinated by Denmarks Electronic Research Library (DEFF), where the secretarial function is managed by the Danish Agency for Culture.

Organisation of the Research Libraries

There is a great deal of variety in the tasks carried out by the research libraries. The libraries are historically divided into a group of 12 major research libraries(with more than 20 full-time equivalent staff), ca. 30 medium-sized research libraries (between 3 and 20 full-time equivalent staff) and the largest group of ca. 140 smaller research libraries (less than 3 full-time equivalent staff).

Institute-libraries are an independent group made up of ca. 140 libraries. The specific partition of libraries can be seen in the library-statistics.

Tasks and economy

You can find more information on the roles and economy of each library on their website. In the library-statistics you will also be able to find an introduction, which offers an explanation of development trends and main features of the libraries activities.

Open access in Denmark

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