From Toddler to Tween

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces has children as a top priority target group that represents a multitude of requirements, interests and needs.

Right from children in the day-care age group who are developing a spoken language through to tweens who need to be able to act competently and creatively on web-based platforms. 

The public library remains one of the most frequently used cultural institutions in children's lives.
However, if the children's libraries are to meet children's needs for play, learning, sense of community, contact with adults and havens, they need to direct themselves more clearly towards children's culture, their media habits and play patterns. 

This is why The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces joins with a number of public and private partners to focus on developing offers aimed at children, which are attractive to the different age groups.

The Agency works with guidance, development and communication of knowledge. This work results in interdisciplinary networks and in the phrasing of both strategies and concrete projects at local and national level.

Network for Children and Culture

The Network for Children and Culture secretariat is based at the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. The Network's main task is to create better cohesion in government grants for children's culture and greater unity in the work with the many facets of children's culture.

The Network runs the Children & Culture portal, which, among other things, offers inspiration for children's culture projects, a conference calendar, overviews of foundations and other subsidy options and information about education and research.

Bibliotek og Kulturhus på Rentemestervej nv.

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