Public lending right

The public lending right fee is a Danish culture support scheme for authors, translators, illustrators, and composers. Each year, more than 10,000 people receive a share of the grant from the Danish government.

The PLR scheme has existed since 1946, and in 2018 Denmark was the first country in the world to pay PLR for e-books and net audio books. PLR is paid on the basis of books, e-books, net audio books, which are available in Danish and that can be borrowed from Danish public and school libraries, and music and visual art, which can be borrowed from Danish public libraries.

In brief 

Grants for books:
The vast majority of PLR is paid for books; approximately DKK 180 million. The number of recipients registered in the PLR scheme in April 2019: 27,108
Recipients of grants for books in 2019: 10,504
Total amount paid on 12 April 2019: DKK 181.1 million.

Grants for music, net audio books and e-audio books:
Paid to the artists (musicians, composers, soloists, directors, etc.) and readers of audio books. More than DKK 6 million are available in the payment fund.

Grants for visual art:
Paid for original art, graphics and photographs that can be borrowed from the country’s libraries. Nearly DKK 190,000 are available in the payment fund.

Learn more about the Danish PLR scheme (web pages in Danish)

Contact the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces’ press contact

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