The Baltic States effort 2018-2020

2018-2019 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Baltic countries independence. [Photo: Colourbox]
Cityscape of Tallinn, Capital of Estonia

Denmark was among the first countries in the world to recognize Estonia, Latvia and Lithuanias after they won back independence following the fall of the Soviet Union. With the establishment of the Danish Cultural Institute in Riga in 1990 an important political marking of the relationship with the Baltic States.

Three celebrations – One unified Danish cultural effort

The Danish cultural effort in the Baltic States in 2018-2019 underlines the recognition of the three Baltic States as Northern European neighbor countries. The celebrations of the 100 year anniversary of the Baltic States’ independence are three separate events in Latvia and Lithuania in 2018 and in Estonia in 2019. In Estonia the 100 years anniversary falls the same year as the 800 year anniversary for the fall of the Danish flag, known as “Dannebrog”, near Tallinn in the year 1219.

Strengthened cultural cooperation

Danish arts and culture, especially film and music, have a firm footing in the Baltic States. Throughout 2018-2029  there will be built on that foundation with a long line of varied cultural events in the three Baltic countries.

For Denmark, the anniversary celebrations will also work to strengthen and maintain interest in a cultural cooperation with the Baltic States and attract attention from Danish culture and arts, potentially introducing new players to the Baltic market.

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