South Korea effort 2019

South Korea enjoys great international interest in the country and its culture. At the same time Denmark is fast becoming fashionable in South Korea.
South Korea is a fast developing country [Photo: Pixabay, Min Woo Park]
Photo of Night time Seoul Street

In 2019 Denmark and South Korea is celebrating 60 years with diplomatic relations. It is an ideal opportunity to create a push for Danish culture in South Korea. That is why 2019 has been designated cultural year for Denmark and South Korea.

The blooming Korean Culture

South Korea is a country with a long and rich history, not least cultural history. South Korea has influenced the East Asian region for many ways, while the country itself has been influenced from the outside, most importantly by Buddhism and Confucianism. To this day many traditional festivals are celebrated with traditional dance, attire and music. Side by side modern culture is blossoming; youth in South Korea are big consumers of technology and computer games, while the unique Korean pop music is gaining fans in all corners of the world.

Interest in Denmark

In South Korea there is an increasing interest in Denmark and the Danish values. Not least our lifestyle phenomena such as the ubiquitous “hygge”, our flexible workplace organization, education system and high level of welfare spark South Koreans' interest. We will use this momentum to promote Danish art, design and culture.

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Korea - Denmark 2019 Logo

The two graphic artists Nina Lee Storm from Denmark and Yoo Yoon-Seok from South Korea have created a logo for the cultural year 2019 for Denmark's and South Korea's Ministries of Culture.

Write to for permission and questions regarding the use of the logo, and for other communication material.

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