Enhancing intercultural dialogue

In connection to the strategic theme around Enhancing intercultural dialogue, there is a special emphasis on the different aspects of Danish-Polish cooperation in the 100 years of Poland’s rebirth as an independent country. In 2019 there is also a focus on intercultural dialogues through the marking of the 50 year anniversary of 3000 Jewish refugees coming to Denmark 1969-1970. Children and youth, value narratives and democracy will be the recurring themes within the larger theme of intercultural dialogue.

Celebrating Danish-Polish cooperation

  • September 2019: A conference on “100 years of Polish-Danish relations” brings Danish and Polish researchers together for a look back at the ever changing relations between Denmark and Poland.
  • September 2019: Book publishing in connection to Polish-Danish relations 1918-1948: A book will be published with contributions from Danish and Polish historians about Danish-Polish cooperation from Poland’s rebirth as an independent nation to the introduction of Stalinism.
  • February – December 2019: Marking the 50 year anniversary of 3000 Jewish refugees coming to Denmark 1969-1970. The Anniversary will be celebrated with publishing of the immigrant’s stories, poetry by Janina Katz and photography by Piotr Topperzer.

Performance art

  • April 2019: Research trip for six Polish theatre directors, theatre and festival leaders at “Aprilfestivalen” in Hjørring, Denmark.
  • May – June 2019: Research trip for ten people from the Danish theatre scene regarding Polish guest performances in Denmark.
  • 1 – 5 June 2019: The Danish Baggård Theatre performs their play ABC at the 22nd Biennale of Art for Kids in Poznan, Poland.
  • Autumn 2019: Polish performances come to Copenhagen, and Danish theatre guests come to the Dziecinada festival in Wroclaw, October 2nd – 6th.
  • 2019/2020: Publishing of printed and/or electronic anthologies of Danish plays for children in Polish translation and Polish plays in Danish translation.
  • Autumn 2019: A theatre project for and with youth developed by Danish C:ntact in cooperation with Teatr Polski.


  • March – December 2019: Nordic literature at Polish libraries. The project concerns workshops about Nordic literature at Poland’s 28 biggest libraries, guested by more than a thousand librarians from hundreds of libraries, and around 300 book vendors. The project is run in cooperation with the company Goodbooks.
  • Autumn 2020: Publishing of poetry anthologies in cooperation with Polish publisher, Biuro Literackie and the Danish Cultural Institute in Warsaw. Plans are for both Danish poetry in Polish translation and Polish poetry in Danish translation.

Visual arts

  • 2018-2020: Partnership between Bornholm and Szczecin. The Danish Cultural Institute in Warsaw is a partner in a 3-year partnership between Bornholm Art Museum and the National Museum in Szczecin. Plans are for a joint exhibition of Danish and Polish contemporary art, and exchange of exhibitions with older art from the museum’s collections.
  • December 2019: The Exhibition “Ny Koloni” presented at the Museum of Literature in Warsaw. “Ny koloni” is a visual project based on Grzegorz Wroblewski’s literary piece “Ny Koloni” (New Colony), developed by artist Doris Bloom and Polish Poet Grzegorz Wroblewski.

Continuously updated

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