Branding Denmark as a country and Enhancing cultural export

In recent years there has been great interest in Danish solutions in sustainable architecture and design in Poland. There are multiple partnerships and projects surrounding architecture and design in the works, which can help to create platforms for Danish architects, designers and city planners and support the Branding of Denmark as a country and Enhancing cultural export. Besides a focus on architecture and design there are plans show historical Danish art at established Polish museums.

Architecture and Design

  • April – October 2019: Exhibition of “Future Living”. Future Living was developed in connection to Aarhus as European Culture Capital in 2017 and will be exhibited in Poland at the Architecture event ZODIAK and at the school of design, School of Form in Poznan as well as the Museum of Architecture during the Architecture Festival in Wroclaw.
  • April 2019: Danish design at the Design fair Targi Rzeczy Ładnych. Danish presenters are invited to the design fair and an exhibition of Piotr Topperzers photographs of Danish Design will be shown together with the movie “Møbler til tiden” (Furniture for the times) about the prominent Danish designer Børge Mogensen.
  • April – May 2019: Danish design exhibitions at the International Center for Culture (MCK). A visiting program for the director and a curator from the International Center for Culture in Krakow is being planned, in order to explore the possibilities of a Danish design/Architecture exhibition at the MCK.
  • May – June 2019: The Danish architects Julie Dufour and Malene Abildgaard from co-lab My Little Architect are invited to participate in the project RePrezentacje, under the Warsaw Biennale.
  • Autumn 2019: A showing of the project “Growroom” in Gdansk. Growroom is designed by the Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ultik Husum in partnership with Space 10, and is an open pavilion which can be placed in a city space and be used as a meeting place and for horticulture.
  • Autumn 2019: The Center for Studies in Participatory Art and Design in Gdansk will present the Danish project Sigrids Stue, which was held in the immigrant neighborhood Gellerup in Aarhus.
  • February 2020: During EUNIC Film Festival on Architecture and Design films about Danish architecture and design will be shown.

Danish Art

  • 2020: Exhibition about the Danish-Polish painter Elisabteth Jerichau Bauman at the Historical Museum for the City of Warsaw.
  • 2020 – 2021: Vilhelm Hammershøj at the National museum in Poznan. In cooperation with the National Museum of Art and the National Museum in Poznan an exhibition is planned about the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøj.

Continuously updated

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