Poland effort 2018-2020

The strong historical and cultural cooperation between Denmark and Poland will be strengthened in 2018-2020.
Denmark and Poland have long had close relations in the area of culture. [Photo: Pixabay, Dariusz Staniszewski]
Photo of Wavel Castle in Krakow

The aim of the Poland effort is to support the already significant cultural exchange between Denmark and Poland, which for many years has been substantial and culturally multifaceted.

Focus on Danish-Polish relations in 2019

The cultural cooperation between Denmark and Poland plays a significant role in the development of Danish-Polish relations. Poland’s internationally minded cultural sphere and engagement with Danish artists has been decisive for the dynamic development that has taken place in the last 20 years in both Denmark and Poland. With the Poland effort the Agency for Culture and Palaces wants to support the fruitful development, and draw attention to the historical cooperation which unites Denmark and Poland. The effort is associated with the celebration of the centenary of Danish-Polish diplomatic connections in 2019 and the marking of the 50 year anniversary of 3000 Jewish refugees coming to Denmark 1969-1970. The events unfold in cooperation with the Danish Cultural Institute in Warsaw, the Danish Embassy in Warsaw and local partners.

Interest in Danish solutions

In Poland there is a growing interest in Danish solutions, especially in sustainable architecture and design. Furthermore, Poland is a high conjecture market and at the moment Denmark’s ninth biggest export market. It is believed, that there is still a sizeable unused potential for export. The Agency for Culture and Palaces will use this momentum to promote and create platforms for Danish architects, designers and city planners; thereby supporting marketing of Denmark and Cultural export, besides Architecture and Design there will be focus on a variety of other artistic fields in 2018-2020.

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