Industrial Heritage

The Danish Agency for Culture has for a number of years been focusing on industrial heritage in order to ensure that this important part of Danish history also in the future will be valued and used as a resource in the futher development of Danish society.

An overview of industrial heritage in Denmark has just been published. The book presents to an English-speaking readership some of the results of this commitment.


The Danish Agency for Culture has supported the industrial heritage work of a number of museums and municipalities through a special appropriation from the Danish Parliament 2004-2011, and via the funds allocated to museum projects every year. This effort has created a greater knowledge of industrial environments and heritage.

  • 25 Industrial heritage sites of national significance and 161 industrial sites af regional significance have been selected.
  • Guides for reusing of industrial plants and harbour areas as a resource have been published.

In 2010 and 2011 the Agency has especially supported

  • the use of industrial heritage in education
  • the integration of industrial heritage 
  • the 25 industrial sites of national significance into local planning

to further promote the values of the Danish industrial heritage.

Current work

Currently The Danish Agency for Culture will continue to promote:

  • the integration of industrial heritage and especially the 25 industrial sites of national significance into local planning
  • the values of the Danish industrial heritage as a ressource for cultural turism and development.

Modernism and Rationalisation

Downlowd publication

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