Developing the digital library

In the information society, the Danes increasingly seek information online. This means that the public libraries must present an efficient digital solution in order to further education, development and cultural activity.

A committee on the public libraries in the information society recommend the establishment of The Danish Digital Library (Danskernes Digitale Bibliotek), as a joint digital solution for the Danes. In addition to traditional materials, the libraries will be able to offer digital media in the form of movies, games, music and literature. Furthermore, the user will gain access to new experiences, digitalised cultural heritage, and be presented with the opportunity to network with other users on relevant websites.

If DDB is established, it will present the citizen with a joint access to the libraries online, and it will ensure that the citizen encounters the library at other relevant sites on the internet.

Conceptual diagramme of the infrastructure

Last updated: 11.03.2016
  • Agency for Culture and Palaces
  • H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2
  • DK-1553 Copenhagen V
  • Telephone: +45 33 95 42 00

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