Official events

State visits, summits, and other official events are obvious opportunities to profile Danish artists and Danish art and culture.  There is often huge media attention surrounding these events that can also help create robust, future international collaborative projects.

State visits

When the Royal Couple are on a state visit abroad, the Agency for Culture and Palaces is responsible for planning and implementing the cultural programme of the visit, pursuant to the cooperation agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture on international cultural collaboration. The event is used to commence a collaboration between the local and the Danish arts scene, so that an enduring international network between artists is formed. In addition to the local partners, the closest collaborative partners are the office of the Lord Chamberlain and the Danish embassy in the relevant country.

The Agency for Culture and Palaces has operative responsibility for planning, implementing, and pursuing follow-up for the cultural component of state visits abroad.  A state visit’s cultural program is to follow the principles for cultural exchange in which there is a focus, among other things, on high quality, local anchoring and reciprocity. In addition, the Agency for Culture and Palaces collaborates with the Royal Household on the content of the obligatory return state dinner that the Royal Couple host in connection with all state visits.

  • Agency for Culture and Palaces
  • H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2
  • DK-1553 Copenhagen V
  • Telephone: +45 33 95 42 00

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