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Who may apply?

The fund is open to nordic publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Danish to a nordic language

Applications should be made in the Nordic country in which the work was originally published. For the translation of works from Danish, application should therefore be made to the Danish Arts Foundation's Committee for Literary Project Funding.

Names of the applicants for The Danish Arts Foundation will be announced on www.danisharts.dk

Purpose of the program

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ culture and arts programme has taken over the administration of the scheme to support the translation of literature and drama from one Nordic language to another.  Grants are available for prose, poetry and drama, non-fiction of general interest (including essays and biographies), comic books and children’s books. Grants are also awarded to special issues of magazines with a Nordic focus, as well as the publication of illustrated children's books.

Special consideration is given to applications for grants for the translation of poetry and drama, and books for children and young adults; and works which have been awarded the Nordic Council Prize for Literature will be accorded top priority for up to three years after winning the prize. Priority is also given to the minority language areas in the Nordic countries.

Examples of objectives and activities: A work written and published in Danish is translated and published in one of the other Nordic languages. A Danish children’s book is translated and published in another Nordic language with publishing support.

When a work has been supported by a translation grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers this must be acknowledged on the title page and on the dust jacket or, in the case of paperback editions, on the back cover. In all of the above instances the logo of the Nordic Council of Ministers must also be displayed.  The publisher shall send one copy of the translated work to the Danish Arts Foundation's Comittee  for Literary Project Funding. The publisher shall also send one copy of the translated work to the Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat, Ved Stranden 18, DK-1061 Copenhagen K, Denmark and another copy to Nordic House, Sturlugötu 5, 101, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Nordic translation grants are administered by the NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad – Fiction and Non-Fiction) in collaboration with the various national literature centres.

Contacts in the Nordic countries:

Norway: Norla
Sweden: The Swedish Arts Council
Finland: Fili
Iceland: Icelandic Literature Centre
Faeroe Islands: Farlit
Greenland:  The Greenlandic Society of Authors
Sami language region: Sami Artist Council

How your application will be evaluated?

In assessing an application weight is laid on the quality of the work in question and on the translator’s qualifications. The translator is normally expected to be a professional with at least one translated work published or performed within the same genre as the work for which support is being sought.

When evaluating an application, emphasis is placed on the following: 

  • The quality of the work.
  • The translator’s qualifications. It is typically expected that the translator is professional and has experience with translating from the language in question within the genre for which funding is being requested.
  • The translator translates into his or her mother tongue.
  • The translation is made from the language in which the work was originally published.

As a rule, the awarding of a grant is conditional on the work being translated from the language in which it was originally published and into the translator’s own mother tongue.

In the case of non-fiction, the committee’s main criterion is that the work must be of general interest. Grants are not awarded for the translation of other types of non-fiction, such as educational textbooks.

What the application must contain?

We recommend that you read the application form carefully and have all the necessary information and documents/files to hand before completing the application.

The following documents must be attached:

  • The translator’s C.V. including a list of relevant translations - stating publisher and year of publication.
  • Three pages of the original work
  • Three (3) pages of sample text (translation).

Attached material can only be submitted in the formats: pdf, Word, Excel and mp3.

For all applicants with a non-Danish account: Fill in the bank information and attach it to your application. 

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the application is complete and correct. The application will be processed on basis of the information received.

How much you may apply for?

Applications can be made for a grant to cover all or part of the translation fee.  Usually, however, grants will cover only a proportion of the translation fee.

Payment: The grant will be paid out to the bank account you have specified in your application.

We report the payment to the Danish tax authorities. No tax has been deducted from the amount paid.

Grants up till 100.000 DKK will be paid out as close as possible to the start date specified in the application. If the grant exceeds 100.000 DKK and the project period is longer than 6 months, the grant will be paid out in instalments.

Once you have submitted the application

When you submit your electronic application you will automatically receive an e-mail acknowledging its receipt, with a copy of the application attached.

You will be informed of the committee’s decision no more than 12 weeks after the deadline. During the 12 weeks applications are prepared for the committee, sent out, read and processed. In the event of conflict of interest, cases must go through an additional process. Once all cases from the same deadline have been completed, the result is sent out by email.

Who will evaluate your application?

The Danish Arts Foundation's Committee for Literary Project Funding makes an assessment based on the merits of the application.

Application form as PDF?

On this site made all submitted electronically, but many people benefit from print a PDF to orient themselves in the requirements before they reach the completion of the actual application. But remember that you can not complete the form by hand and return it physical or analogy.

Click here to preview the online application form (NB the form cannot be filled in)


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