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Can Lis – Residencies in Jørn Utzon’s house on Mallorca for architects and others

Residencies at Jørgen Utzon’s House Can Lis on Mallorca for architects and others with affiliation to the Danish architecture scene



  • 12. september 2019

Hvem kan søge?

 Architects and people with an affiliation to the Danish architecture scene, including cross-disciplinary groups, may apply. Students are not eligible.

Hvad er formålet med ordningen?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Architecture, together with the Utzon Foundation, wishes to provide architects and other individuals working with the artistic dimension of architecture the possibility to apply for residencies at Can Lis, Jørn Utzon’s house on Mallorca.

The purpose of the program is to provide architects, people working within the field of architecture and cross-disciplinary groups a possibility to develop their artistic work and research or to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue in the time and space that the residency offers.

About Can Lis

 This house is an ascetic and wholly consistent building which - due to the materials used, its location, its quite unique interiors and distinctive architectonic form - is the perfect place to spend a longer period totally immersed in one’s work.

The house has just a couple of small bedrooms and is generally speaking quite modestly furnished.  It sits atop a cliff with no fencing or railings around it.  Therefore we do not recommend taking small children to Can Lis.

In addition the residencies there are a number of open-house days at Can Lis throughout the year – see relevant date and register for open-house days on


Residency is available for the following periods in 2019:

 For the application deadline on September 12th 2019 you can apply for the following periods in 2020:

Period 1

11/1 – 24/1

Period 2

25/1 – 07/2

 Period 3

08/2 – 21/2

 Period 4

22/2 – 06/3

 Period 5

07/3 – 20/3

 Period 6

21/3 – 03/4

 Period 7

04/4 – 17/4

 Period 8

18/4 – 01/5

 Period 9

02/5 – 15/5

 Period 10

16/5 – 29/5

 30/5 open house event

Period 11

31/5 – 12/6

Period 12

13/6 – 26/6 

27/6 open house event


You can apply for residencies in periods from 13 days up to 26 days by choosing either one period or two successive periods (e.g. periode 1 or periode 1+2). Note that a open house event on the 30/5 unfortunantly prevents us from offering  period 10 and 11  a joined 26 days stay. 

Upon submitting your application through our online application system you can select up to three prioritized periods – if your application is successful we will try to accommodate your wishes as far as possible.  

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Architecture cannot grant stays outside the stated periods. 

Deadline is 23:59 on the 12th of September 2019



Sådan vurderes din ansøgning


Priority will be given to applications from groups who wish to use the residency to explore the artistic dimensions of architecture, for artistic research or to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue.

Projects that exhibit a strong awareness of architectural and artistic discussions and issues relating to the environment, society or the architecture of Jørgen Utzon will be prioritized.  

Furthermore, projects with an ambition and a plan to communicate and disseminate of the outcome of the residency to the general public will be valued and prioritized.

After your stay you are required to submit a report stating the outcomes of your stay at The Can Lis residency – you will receive all the necessary information thus regarding in an email in so far your application is successful. 

Hvad skal ansøgningen indeholde?

 The application must contain a text motivating and explaining the purpose of the desired residency.

 The following files should be attached to the application form:

  • C.V.(max. 2 A4 pages)
  • A detailed description of the purpose of the residency (max. 5 A4 pages)
  • Artistic documentation (e.g. picture files) (max. 5 A4 pages).
  • Applicants without a Danish bank account must submit a completed bank information form:

Bank information form: transfer to countries that uses IBAN 
Bank information form: transfer to countries that does not use IBAN


 Accommodation at Can Lis is free for the duration of the residency.  Residents are also provided with a travel grant of DKK 5,500 from the Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Architecture, to cover travel expenses.  All other costs must be covered by residents themselves.   

Når du har indsendt ansøgningen

  •  When you have submitted your application through the online application form you will receive an automated e-mail receipt
  • with a copy of your application attached.   You will be notified of the Committee's decision within 12 weeks after the application deadline. During this eight week period, all applications are prepared for, distributed to and assessed by the Committee members.
  •   If you are awarded a grant, The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces will pay out the grant before the beginning of your stay at Can Lis.
  • Please note that the Danish Arts Foundation is required to publish the names of all candidates at

Hvis du får tilsagn /tilladelse /dispensation skal du...

  • After your stay you are required to submit a report stating the outcomes of your stay at The Can Lis residency – you will receive all the necessary information thus regarding in an email in so far your application is successful. 
  •  No later than three months after the end of stay, recipients are required to sign and submit to the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces a statement that the grant has been used for its proper purpose. The form can be found here - choose: "Declaration of grants of up to 100.000 DKK". The Danish Arts Agency regularly selects projects for spot-checks to ascertain whether the recipient of a grant has used the grant for the specified purpose and in accordance with the statement of intent.  In such cases the recipient is obliged to submit accounts for the project. 

Hvem vurderer din ansøgning?

  The Danish Arts Foundations Committee for Architecture evaluates all applications for the Can Lis residency.

In the period 2018-2021 the Committee is constituted by the following Committee members:

Ellen Braae, landscape architect (Chairman)

Mads Bjørn Hansen, architect

Boris Brorman Jensen, architect

Jens Thomas Arnfred, architect

Kathrin Susanna Gimmel, architect


Ansøgningsskema som PDF?

Her på siden laves alle ansøgningerne elektronisk, men mange har glæde af at printe en PDF til at orientere sig i kravene, inden de når til udfyldelsen af den egentlige ansøgning. Men husk, at du ikke kan udfylde skemaet i hånden og aflevere det fysisk eller analogt.

Se ansøgningsskemaet i sin fulde længde (kan ikke udfyldes)

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