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International Cultural Exchange Projects

Grants for international cultural exchange projects under the Collaborative Agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture only to be sought by institutions covered by the agreement

Who may apply?

The collaborative agreement which exists between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture is designed to promote Danish international cultural exchange.

The funding scheme administered under this agreement is open only to institutions covered by the agreement. International partners interested in initiating a collaboration on international cultural exchange can, however, contact their local Danish mission.

It is up to the Danish mission to apply for funding. Funding goes towards cross-sectoral international cultural exchange projects within the branches of the arts covered by the Ministry of Culture: Film, Architecture, Crafts and Design, Literature, Music, Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

Purpose of the program

Grants available under the Collaborative Agreement can be sought by partners of the Collaborative Agreement for international cultural exchange projects designed to strengthen: 

  • Development and renewal of Danish arts and culture
  • Promotion of Denmark as a country
  • Furthering of cultural export
  • Furthering of intercultural dialogue

How your application will be evaluated?

In assessing your application weight is placed on supporting projects which reflect the focus areas in the International Culture Panel's Strategic Action Plan 2017-2020 (pdf):

The four objectives

  • To develop and renew Danish art and culture
  • To market Denmark as a nation
  • To promote cultural exports
  • To promote intercultural dialogue

Geographical areas of focus

  • European neighbours 
  • USA
  • Asia - China, Japan and South Korea

The ICP principles

  • Quality
  • Local interest
  • Long-term perspective
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

What the application must contain?

We recommend that you read the application form carefully and have all the necessary information and documents ready before completing the application.

  • Aim of the project 
  • Project description (brief) 
  • Success criteria
  • Collaborative partners 
  • Project participants

The following enclosures must be attached to the application: 

  • Project description (full) 
  • Budget 
  • C.V.s of participants

For all applicants with a non-Danish account: Fill in the bank information and attach it to your application. Use this bank information scheme for countries using IBAN. Use this bank information scheme for countries NOT using IBAN.

Any other material submitted will not be taken into account in assessing the application. Documents sent by post will not be returned.

Applications not accompanied by the requisite information and documentation will not be considered.

Once you have submitted the application

When you submit your electronic application you will automatically receive an e-mail acknowledging its receipt, with a copy of the application attached.

With applications for grants of over DKK 100,000 you will be notified of the steering committee’s decision within 12 weeks. Deadlines in 2019 for application for grants of over DKK 100,000 are March 28, May 6, August 5 and November 4.

Applications for grants of under DKK 100,000 will be dealt with within four weeks. Deadline for application for grants of under DKK 100,000 is continous.

If your application is approved you are asked to read "When you are awarded a grant"

Who will evaluate your application?

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture assess applications for grants of over DKK 100,000. Applications for grants of up to DKK 100,000 are assessed by the Danish Agency for Culture. The Danish Agency for Culture will solicit statements from the relevant art centres. These statements will be taken into account when assessing applications.

Application form as PDF?

On this site made all submitted electronically, but many people benefit from print a PDF to orient themselves in the requirements before they reach the completion of the actual application. But remember that you can not complete the form by hand and return it physical or analogy.

Click here to preview the online application form (NB the form cannot be filled in)