Statens Kunstfond

International concert activities abroad - classical music

Grants to cover the cost of professional Danish musicians' international transport and international projects.



  • Application deadlines in 2019: 1. October

Who may apply?

Professional Danish ensembles, soloists, organisers, and the like can apply for grants to promote music internationally. The awarding of a grant is conditional upon the repertoire concerned consisting mainly of classical music. The application must be submitted by a Danish partner. 

Applications for grants for the promotion of music within the genres of jazz, rock, pop, folk music, new music, world music and related genres should be submitted to one of the five genre organisations (see below), these being the organisations designated under agreements with the Danish Arts Foundation as responsible for awarding grants to promote international music within their respective genres. If you are uncertain which genre is applicable in your own case, contact the appropriate genre organisation or the Danish Agency for Culture.

NEW MUSIC – contact the Secretariat for New Music (SNYK)
ROCK/POP - contact the Danish Rock Council (ROSA)
JAZZ - contact Jazz Danmark
WORLD AND FOLK MUSIC - contact Tempi

Purpose of the program

Grants are available to cover the cost to professional Danish musicians of international transport in connection with engagements abroad. NB: The awarding of a grant is conditional on the repertoire concerned consisting mainly of classical music.

How your application will be evaluated?

As a general rule, applications for travel grants require that at least three concerts be given in connection with the tour. The Committee for Music lays emphasis on there being a local demand for the music; and that the organisers reflect this demand by paying the musicians professional rates. Weight is also laid on projects which:

  • Involve musicians of the highest professional and artistic level 
  • Help to promote the development of the professional Danish music scene 
  • Take account of new talent on the professional Danish music scene 
  • Help to increase international awareness of Danish classical music

The application must be in the hands of the Danish Arts Agency for Culture before the start of the project.

Grants are not awarded for:

  • Subsistence allowance or per diem payments 
  • Fees 
  • Educational courses or training
  • Projects which fall into a genre handled by one of the five genre organisations

What the application must contain?

We recommend that you consult the application form and have the necessary information and documents/files ready before you start.

The following particular information should be typed into the mandatory template:

  • Project description
  • Program for concerts
  • The C.V.s of the applicant and the ensemble/soloist
  • Budget

The application must be submitted by a Danish partner. You can find the online application form here:Go to the Danish application form. 

Applications which do not contain the requisite information will not be considered.

Once you have submitted the application

When you submit your electronic application you will automatically receive an e-mail acknowledging its receipt, with a copy of the application attached.

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