Statens Kunstfond

Craft and design projects in Denmark and abroad

Funding for projects in Denmark and abroad: for production, exhibitions, shows, trade fairs, seminars and communication projects concerning Danish craft and design.



    04. marts 2020

Who may apply?

For exhibitions, trade fairs, shows and communication projects

Professionals with close ties to Danish craft and design: craftspeople, designers, curators, writers, communication experts, museums, galleries and others with an interest in developing and promoting Danish craft and design.

For production

Craftspeople and designers with close ties to the Danish craft and design scene.

Who is not eligible?

Students within the field of craft and design.

Please note

The Danish Arts Foundation is obliged to publish the names of all applicants. Details of funding will also be published, including the applicant’s name and the project name as stated in the application.

Th Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Craft and Design Project Funding uses this pool to fund specific projects on the basis of the budgets submitted by the applicants. If your project is not yet ripe for implementation and resembles (basic) research, you may apply for a working grant from the Committee for Craft and Design.

The Committee for Craft and Design Project Funding recommends that galleries, agents, etc. apply for funding to cover a single year of activity at a time, and that the name of the project used in the application includes the year in which the activities will take place. Applicants are welcome to apply in the current year for grants for activities in future years.

The Committee for Craft and Design Project Funding funds currently active craftspeople and designers. Exhibitions should also present contemporary craft and designers, but group exhibitions are not restricted to artists who are still currently active in their field. Communication projects – books, conveying research results, etc. – are not required to be about contemporary arts and crafts.

The Committee takes a broad approach to funding. It also regularly takes part in interdisciplinary projects along with other Danish Arts Foundation committees. If you are applying for funding from more than one of the Foundation’s committees, you must state this in the application.

One project – one application

All activities related to the same project (e.g. production, exhibition and catalogue) should be included in a single application.

Important information regarding CPR and CVR numbers and tax

  • Any funding will be transferred automatically to the NemKonto (Danish e-account) linked to the CPR (Danish personal ID) or CVR (Danish company ID) number stipulated in the application. It is crucial to know the appropriate NemKonto and whether you will use a CVR or CPR number before you start the application.
  • The CVR/CPR number linked to the application cannot be changed later on.
  • Instead of Danish ID numbers, applicants from outside Denmark should enter the number 012345 and attach a banking form. Download the form under the heading “What the application must contain?”.
  • All funding paid out by the Danish Arts Foundation is reported to the Danish tax authorities (SKAT). SKAT provides guidance about tax issues.

Collaborative projects/joint applications

If you are part of a group of partners who do not share the same company ID number and intend to share the funding, you must each submit an application form with identical project name and appendices. On the budget form, each applicant must stipulate their share of the total amount. Download the budget form under the heading “What the application must contain?”.

Purpose of the program

The programme aims to promote artistic quality in the development and understanding of – as well as innovation in – contemporary Danish craft and design. From its pool, the Committee for Craft and Design Project Funding supports the production, presentation and all forms of communication (oral, written, visual, digital and print) of the work of Danish craftspeople and designers to appropriate audiences, including travel and accommodation costs for specific exhibitions and projects.

The funding options are listed below:


Funding for the production of new works for exhibitions, fairs and shows in Denmark and abroad. Funding for setting up business and international collaboration on the production of new types of Danish products which help establish the specific identity and profile of craft and design.


Funding for Danish craftspeople and designers to take part in exhibitions, fairs and shows in Denmark and abroad


Funding for communicating the work of Danish craftspeople and designers to Danish or international audiences by means of exhibitions or in printed and digital form.

Funding is not available for:

  • Activities completed before the application deadline
  • Renting of studios
  • Travel and accommodation for assistants (as a rule)
  • Courses of study/training courses
  • Educational institutions and student projects
  • Capital investments, e.g. new machines for production.

Note! Established exhibition venues, museums and galleries are encouraged to provide proper remuneration for craftspeople and designers involved in setting up exhibitions in their venues. Funding to cover these set-up costs should be applied for along with the funding application for the exhibition. Read about the exhibit fee scheme at

Furthermore, exhibition venues, museums, galleries etc. are encouraged to remunerate for craftspeople and designers in relation to exhibitions, meetings, PR etc. Expenses for remuneration can be a part of the total budget.

How your application will be evaluated?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Craft and Design Project Funding processes applications based on the following criteria:

Artistic quality

It is a basic requirement for receiving funding from the Committee for Craft and Design Project Funding that the application must reflect high artistic quality in its field.

The Committee evaluates artistic quality in craft and design in terms of whether the proposed project demonstrates:

  • Relevance in relation to professional standards. Relevance can also consist of critical and ethical awareness, including in relation to context.

  • Dedication in challenging and exploring their craft, material and idiom. The Committee places particular emphasis on projects reflecting and expressing familiarity with an understanding of the craft concerned.

  • Courage to challenge existing conventions and to show a clear commitment and a reflective approach to craft traditions. 

The Committee is aware that craft and design is a broad area and it funds projects of high artistic quality throughout the whole field.

This can mean projects that demonstrate aesthetic potential and a keen understanding of the craft, its materials and sensuousness, as well as projects centred on specific design solutions to specific problems or projects of a more intangible nature.

The Committee also prioritises collaborative ventures involving new combinations of stakeholders to explore interdisciplinary opportunities and address the challenges and opportunities faced by individuals and society.

What the application must contain?

A good, complete application meets the formal criteria for what application must (and must not) contain (see below), arguing precisely and concisely why the project is important and relevant to the applicant, the craft and society in general.

To facilitate clear and uniform processing, the Committee places certain limits on the submission of supporting material. Any other material submitted will not be read. Project description should not be more than one page and applicants may not remove the questions.

Use the template for project description and budget. Download the template here.

“Pages” and “zip” files will not be accepted.

Attachments must not exceed 15 megabytes.

Do not attach images of other people's work, e.g., inspirational images and mood boards. If there are particular reasons for attaching pictures of other people's works, it must be clearly stated that they are not yours. Similarly, you must state whether the artistic work submitted was collaborative or not.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the application form and have the necessary information and documents ready before you begin.

The following MUST be enclosed with the application form.

  1. Completed template “Project description and budget”. Download the template here.
  2. Images
    No more than two A4 pages featuring relevant images that visualise the project: e.g. photographs, sketches or other images (Format: pdf).
    Where relevant, no more than five A4 page of images documenting previous work (Format: pdf).
  3. Brief CVs of all the craftspeople, designers, curators, innovators, writers, etc., seeking funding. CVs must be no more than a single A4 page. For projects involving several participants, enclose only shortened CVs of not more than half an A4 page each. (File format: pdf)
  4. For applicants with non-Danish bank accounts: banking information form
    Banking information form: transfers to countries that use IBAN
    Banking Information form: transfers to countries that DO NOT use IBAN

Please note:
Applications will be presented to the Committee in the form received by the deadline. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application contains all the required attachments by the deadline. Attachments may not be submitted later on. The file names of the documents attached to the application are listed in an attachment to the e-mail confirming receipt of the application. If your application is incomplete, you have until the deadline to complete it. If you submit an application more than once, the final version will be the one put before the Committee.

How much you may apply for?

You can familiarise yourself with previous successful applications under "Awards".

The Committee may award a lower amount than requested due to its overall priorities and the need to support as many people and projects as possible.

Payments The funding will be paid into the NemKonto linked to the applicant's company ID (CVR) number. The payment will be reported to SKAT. Tax is not deducted from the amount paid out. Funding is paid out as close to the project start date as possible.

When do you get an answer?

You will be notified of the Committee decision by e-mail within 12 weeks of the deadline.

During those 12 weeks, the applications are prepared for the Committee, submitted to it, read and processed. When all of the applications have been processed, details of the successful ones will be published on

Once you have submitted the application

You will receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after submitting your online application. It will include your application number and list the documents attached with your application. Check that all of your attachments were received and save the e-mail as your receipt.

Legal Framework

Danish Act on Visual Arts and the artistic aspects of Crafts, Design and Architecture – Act no. 457 of 05.08.2013

If you get a grant you must...

If you receive funding from the Danish Arts Foundation Project Support Committee for Crafts and Design, you will have to submit reports to the Palaces and Culture Agency according to certain guidelines. The nature of the reporting depends on the funding amount. Read more about reporting/presenting accounts.

Who will evaluate your application?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Craft and Design Project Funding assesses applications and awards Funding.

Application form as PDF?

On this site made all submitted electronically, but many people benefit from print a PDF to orient themselves in the requirements before they reach the completion of the actual application. But remember that you can not complete the form by hand and return it physical or analogy.

Click here to preview the online application form (NB the form cannot be filled in)

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