Statens Kunstfond

Commissioned work - Music

Funding for commissions of new music by artists working within the musical field.



  • Application deadlines in 2021: 3 May and 1 October

* Note: Please note that you can submit your application until 23:59 on the closing date, but we recommend that you submit earlier. Changes to the funding programme may occur - the application form is available at least one month before the deadline. Two deadlines in 2021: 3 May and 1 October.

Who may apply?

  • Anyone wishing to commission new music from Danish artists working within the musical field.

Artists within the musical field include composers, songwriters, sound artists or producers working across all genres. 

The commissioning party may include, for example, Danish or non-Danish orchestras, bands, singers, ensembles, concert organizers, museums, festivals, associations, musicians, projects or institutions wishing to host a concert, an event, a publication, a residency or "huskomponistaftale", or to engage in another form of binding short- or long-term agreement.

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Music Grants encourages projects that engage children and young people as well as those representing a geographical diversity. 

The commissioning party must make an arrangement with the artist/s, who, in addition to accepting the assignment and the commission, is required to outline the overall artistic concept. You may also apply for funding for music written in collaboration by more than one artist.

The committee encourages hosts and commissioning parties to co-fund the artist’s fee. For larger institutions, co-funding of the artist’s fee is mandatory.

Non-Danish commissioners may also apply.

You can receive funding for:

  • the commission fee for the creation of new music by an artist.

Who may not apply?

  • The artist cannot simultaneously be enrolled on a Danish state artistic educational degree (i.e. kunstakademierne, arkitektskolerne, designskolerne, Den Danske Scenekunstskole, Forfatterskolen, musikkonservatorierne/MGK, Filmskolen) nor be enrolled on a higher degree approved for SU.  
  • The artist cannot apply to commission oneself to write new music.

Purpose of the program

To stimulate the commissioning of new music by Danish artists in furtherance of a diversity of expressions and musical experiences for the benefit of a large audience.

This goal is pursued by co-funding artists’ fees for new music commissioned by various actors.

How your application will be evaluated?

The general criterion for all funding awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation is the quality of the artistic production and talent viewed in conjunction with the project outlined in the application.

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Music Grants approaches applications with a fluid concept of artistic quality, where this quality is defined in relation to the context in which it exists. 

When evaluating the applications, the Committee for Music Grants is looking for music, which shows a clear artistic intention and is well-executed. 

  • Artistic intention is demonstrated to the committee by the showing of a clear artistic idea, and a musical singularity
  • The committee considers music to be well-executed where the artistic idea is realised and a mastery of the musical medium is apparent

Futhermore, the committee is looking for music, which is: 

  • Challenging 
  • Thought-provoking
  • Moving
  • Artistically or socially relevant

Moreover, the committee considers the project’s use of professional communication, documentation, and PR efforts.

As the committee’s funds are limited, it cannot fund all qualified applications. The committee reserves the right to award a smaller grant than the amount applied for, based on the overall field of applicants, the available funds, and the desire to ensure diversity among the recipients.

When evaluating an application, the committee may take into consideration whether the composer is currently receiving or has previously received grants from the Danish Arts Foundation within the past three years. An honorary grant from the Danish Arts Foundation will not be part of the assessment.

What the application must contain?

You must submit your application using our digital application form found via the link on this page. We do not accept paper forms.

However, at the bottom of the page, you will find the application form as a PDF. Use this to familiarize yourself with the content and make sure you are ready with all the required information and documents, before filling in the actual application form. The digital application form has a 15-minute session timeout, so you need to fill it in rather quickly.

We recommend you to use the browsers Chrome or Firefox when you fill in the application form.

You must attach the following:

  • A mandatory appendix (use this template)
  • A mandatory MP3 file containing a recent musical piece/audio sample by the artist. 
  • If relevant, a PDF version of a recent musical score or sample sheet music (maximum 25 pages).
    • NB! Files exceeding the allowed page count will be shortened to the first 25 pages. If your score exceeds the allowed amount, it is therefore a good idea to make your own selection of pages before attaching it to the application.

If you as the commissioning party wish to apply for funding towards the fee for more than one artist within the same project, you must make a separate application for each of the artists. 

Please be aware of the following:

  • The total size of the attached files may not exceed 20 MB.
  • We accept the document formats PDF, Word, and MP3. We do not accept ZIP files.
  • You are not able to edit an application once you have submitted it. If your application is incomplete, you must submit a new and complete the application before the deadline.
  • The committee will process the most recently submitted application.
  • Your application must include all the required attachments in order to be processed by the committee.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your application has been filled in correctly and that all required attachments are included. Please check your email receipt for a list of the documents attached to your submitted application.

How much you may apply for?

To get an idea of usual grant amounts, you can look at previously awarded grants on our website (in Danish). NB! The funding program was previously named "Composer Agreements" or in Danish "Komponistaftaler".


If the committee decides to grant your application, the artist's fee is paid directly to the artist. We pay the grant as soon as possible after we have received a copy of the completed musical piece from the artist.

The artist must have a NemKonto available for the payment transfer. We transfer all grants to the NemKonto linked to the Danish CPR/CVR number stated in the application. If you, for example, apply with a new CVR number, you have to make sure that it is linked to a NemKonto. You have to do this before a potential grant is awarded.

We report the grant to the Danish Tax Agency, but tax has not been deducted from the payment.

When do you get an answer?

You will receive the committee’s decision via email within 12 weeks after the application deadline.

Throughout those weeks, the committee will read and process all submitted applications. We will publish all awarded grants on our website (in Danish), once all applicants have received the committee’s decision.

The names of all applicants are made public on our website in the committees’ minutes (in Danish).

Once you have submitted the application

When you have submitted your application, you will receive an email receipt with your application number. Remember to state your application number if you contact us.

In your email receipt, you will also find an overview of the documents attached to your application. It is your responsibility to check that all required documents are submitted, so please check the list to be sure.

Legal Framework

Decisions are made in accordance with section 3(1), cf. (2) and (3) of the Danish Act on the Danish Arts Foundation’s Activities (Act no. 458 of 8 May 2013).

If you get a grant you must...

When the Danish Arts Foundation awards funding, it is important, and not least legally required, that the money is used for the purpose you have described in your application. Therefore, you must report on your project to the Agency for Culture and Palaces.

When you receive funding for commisioned work, the artist must send us a copy of the completed musical piece(s), before we pay the grant. Read more about how to report on your commissioned work (in Danish).

Who will evaluate your application?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Music Grants processes the applications and makes the final decision concerning the distribution of the committee’s funds.

Application form as PDF?

On this site made all submitted electronically, but many people benefit from print a PDF to orient themselves in the requirements before they reach the completion of the actual application. But remember that you can not complete the form by hand and return it physical or analogy.

Click here to preview the online application form (NB the form cannot be filled in)