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Can Lis: Residencies at Jørn Utzon’s house on Mallorca for architects and others

Residency at Jørn Utzon’s house Can Lis on Mallorca, including funding for the trip, available for architects and others affiliated with Danish architecture scene .Nb* The dates for 2021 residencies will be announced primo August 2020. Application deadline: 15th of September 2020



    15. September 2020, 11:59 PM

* Note: Please note that you can submit your application until 23:59 on the closing date, but we recommend that you submit earlier. The application form is available at least one month before the deadline.

Who may apply?

  • Architects and others affiliated with the Danish architecture scene.
  • Individuals, architecture firms, and groups may also apply.

Who may not apply?

  • Students

Purpose of the program

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Architecture wishes to promote the artistic dimensions of architecture in Denmark and Danish architecture abroad. Together with the Utzon Foundation, the committee wishes to provide the possibility for architects and others affiliated with the Danish architecture scene to apply for residencies at Can Lis, Jørn Utzon’s house on Mallorca.

This house is an ascetic and wholly consistent building, which - due to the materials used, its location, its unique interiors, and distinctive architectural layout - is the perfect place to spend a longer period fully immersed in one’s work.

The house has two broadband modems but no computer, TV, or DVD-player. Please be aware that the house is not suitable for activities such as painting. If you wish to use tools and materials that could leave permanent marks, please state this in your application, as this requires a special permit before your stay.

The house has just a couple of small bedrooms, and it is generally quite modestly furnished. It is located atop a cliff with no fencing or railings around it. Therefore, we do not recommend bringing small children to Can Lis.

You may apply for:

  • a residency at Can Lis free of charge at a specific available time period
  • funding for travel and transport costs related to the residency.

If you wish to apply for funding for travel and transport costs related to the residency, you must state this in your application and attach a budget, listing the expenses that you want covered by a potential grant. Other expenses related to the residency is your own responsibility, and you are not able to apply for additional funding for the residency from the Danish Arts Foundation.

Periods available for residencies

You may apply for a residency with a duration of 13 days (corresponding to one period) or 26 days (corresponding to two consecutive periods).

If you want to apply for a residency lasting 26 days, you must be aware that you must apply for two consecutive periods, for example period 1+2 or 2+3.

There are a number of open house events throughout the year, wherefore some periods are not available for consecutive residency periods.

Please note that we are changing our application procedure, wherefore the programme will only be open for applications once a year instead of twice. At the next round of applications in autumn 2020, you may therefore apply for any residency period at Can Lis during 2021.

In the schedule below, you will find the periods available for the next round of applications. Application deadline: 15th of September 2020

1.      period 17/1 – 29/1

2.      period 31/1 – 12/2

3.      period 14/1-27/2

4.      period 28/2 – 12/3

5.      period 24/10-5/11

6.      period 7/11-19/11

7.      period 21/11-3/12

8.      period 5/12-17/12

How your application will be evaluated?

Priority will be given to applicants, who wish to use the residency for concentrating on professional matters, research, or cross-disciplinary dialogue. Projects are also prioritised if they seek to explore the artistic dimensions of architecture or if they generally concern professional, social or environmental issues.

Furthermore, projects are prioritised if they plan to communicate the outcome of the residency to the public. Applicants may also choose to give the Danish Arts Foundation permission to communicate the project by stating this in the application.

When the residency has ended, you must report on the outcome of your stay at Can Lis.

If you have applied for grants from the Danish Arts Foundation within the past three years, this information will be considered in the evaluation of your application.

What the application must contain?

You must submit your application using our digital application form found via the link on this page. We do not accept paper forms.

However, at the bottom of the page, you will find the application form as a PDF. Use this to familiarize yourself with the content and make sure you are ready with all the required information and documents, before filling in the actual application form. The digital application form has a 15-minute session timeout, so you need to fill it in rather quickly.

We recommend you to use the browsers Chrome or Firefox when you fill in the application form.

You must attach the following:

  • CV – maximum 2 A4 sheets
  • Project description, describing the purpose of your residency – maximum 5 A4 sheets.
  • When filling out the project description, you must also state specific goals planned for your project, for example developing an exhibition, a communication project, working on articles etc. If we ask you to report on your project, we will evaluate whether you have fulfilled the goals and activities stated in your application.
  • Documentation of artistic work (e.g. images)

If you are a group of people wanting to apply for a residency together, each member of the group must submit an application, noting the other group members. Your applications may include identical attachments. If you only submit one application as a group, we will pay the entire grant to the person stated as the applicant.

Please be aware of the following:

  • The total size of the attached files may not exceed 15 MB.
  • We accept the document formats PDF, Word and JPG. We do not accept ZIP files.
  • You are not able to edit an application once you have submitted it. If your application is incomplete, you must submit a new and complete application before the deadline.
  • The committee will process the most recently submitted application.
  • Your application must include all the required attachments in order to be processed by the committee.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your application has been filled in correctly and that all required attachments are included. Please check your email receipt for a list of the documents attached to your submitted application.

How much you may apply for?

If you are a Danish citizen, organisation, or business and receive a grant, you must have a NemKonto available for the payment transfer. We transfer all grants to the NemKonto linked to the Danish CPR/CVR number you state in the application. If you, for example, apply with a new CVR number, you have to make sure that you have linked it to a NemKonto. You have to do this before a potential grant is awarded.

If you have moved out of Denmark according to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration’s definition, or if you are a foreign applicant, you are able to have a potential grant transferred to a foreign bank account. For applicants with foreign bank accounts, a completed bank information form must be attached, either the form for wire transfers to countries using IBAN or the form for wire transfers to countries NOT using IBAN.

If you receive a grant, we pay the money to your account within 3 weeks after you have received the grant letter.

We report the grant to the Danish Tax Agency, but tax has not been deducted from the payment.

When do you get an answer?

You will receive the committee’s decision via email within 12 weeks after the application deadline.

Throughout those weeks, the committee will read and process all submitted applications. We will publish all awarded grants on our website (in Danish), once all applicants have received the committee’s decision.

The names of all applicants are made public on our website in the committees’ minutes (in Danish).

Once you have submitted the application

When you have submitted your application, you will receive an email receipt with your application number. Remember to state your application number if you contact us.

In your email receipt, you will also find an overview of the documents attached to your application. It is your responsibility to check that all required documents are submitted, so please check the list to be sure.

Legal Framework

Decisions are made in accordance with section 3(1), cf. (2) and (3) of the Danish Act on the Danish Arts Foundation’s Activities (Act no. 458 of 8 May 2013).

If you get a grant you must...

When the Danish Arts Foundation awards grants, it is important, and not least legally required, that the money is used for the purpose you have described in your application. Therefore, you must report on your project to the Agency for Culture and Palaces. How you must report depends on the grant amount you have received. Read more about how to report on your project.

Who will evaluate your application?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Architecture processes the applications and makes the final decision concerning the distribution of the committee’s funds.

Application form as PDF?

On this site made all submitted electronically, but many people benefit from print a PDF to orient themselves in the requirements before they reach the completion of the actual application. But remember that you can not complete the form by hand and return it physical or analogy.

Click here to preview the online application form (NB the form cannot be filled in)

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