TV in general in Denmark

On the Danish TV market we can distinguish between foreign and domestic TV companies.

There are a range of foreign TV channels available in Denmark.

These channels are not under the jurisdiction of the Danish authorities and none of these have any public service-obligations whatsoever.

Only the TV channels originating from Denmark are under Danish jurisdiction and some of these do have public service-obligations.

TV can either be transmitted by cable or satellite or broadcast as digital terrestrial TV.

Transmitting TV by cable or satellite on a Danish registration

Stations that only transmit on cable or satellite, are not required to have a license, but must register with the Radio and Television Board if they want to transmit in Denmark. A requirement for this registration is in general, however, that editorial decisions be made in Denmark.

The currently registered TV stations can be seen here.

Most of the channels listed in the table have minor influence on the Danish TV market. An exception is the portfolio of channels owned by the publicly owned television company TV 2/DANMARK A/S.

You can read more about the channels owned by TV 2/DANMARK here.

One channel having a - looking at the size of the station - relatively high share of voice in the Danish media from time to time is the Kurdish TV station ROJ TV.

You can read more about ROJ TV here.

Broadcasting digital terrestrial TV in Denmark (DTT)

To broadcast digital terrestrial TV in Denmark you are required to have a license from the Radio and Television Board, as there is a limited amount of available space for broadcasting DTT.

The requirement applies to both nationwide and local stations. The only exceptions to this are the public service broadcasters DR and the Regional TV 2-stations, who have their rights to broadcast TV right after the Radio and Television Act. The associated obligations are specified in a public service-contract.

Further, the publicly owned television company TV2/DANMARK A/S has a public service-license for it's main channel TV 2 issued directly by the Minister of Culture, not by the Radio and TV Board.

Denmark has a large number of non-commercial local TV stations and some national, all with program permissions from the Radio and Television Board and broadcasting in the fourth channel in MUX1. The Board supervises their compliance with the terms of the permits.

The non-commercial TV-stations can get grants from the Radio and Television Board.

The Danish TV market

Publicly owned

The Danish television market is dominated by the publicly owned companies DR (non-commercial public service-station, financed by license fees) and TV 2 Denmark A/S. These have, however, been put under continued pressure by the commercial channels.

The main channels in Denmark are the public service-channels from TV 2 and DR. However, there are also a range of channels registered in Denmark by TV2 Denmark A/S which are commercial and without public service-obligations.

Read more about the domestic commercial TV channels without public service-obligations here.

Non-publicly owned

Most of the non-publicly owned commercial channels are broadcast from the United Kingdom and are thus under the jurisdiction of the English authorities - Ofcom.

However, several foreign channels are registered in other countries than the United Kingdom and thus under the jurisdiction of the countries in which they are registered.

The main foreign players in Denmark are Modern Times Group and SBS

Read more about the foreign commercial players directed at Denmark here.

Besides these two companies, other larger media companies like Discovery Communications, Disney, MTV Networks as well as a few others also have a presence in Denmark.

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TV-reception in Denmark

The analogue switch off (ASO) in Denmark took place on November 1st 2009.

Prior to the ASO, the until then largest public information campaign took place informing on the actions the public needed to take.

The campaign was quite successful and the ASO took place without major problems for the public.

On the figure below the distribution of TV-reception before and after ASO can be seen.

You can also find an article on digital television in Denmark in the information-box below this box.

Digital households in Denmark. Click on the figure to open in PDF and find more information

Article on digital television in Denmark

Keeping the balance: digital television in Denmark (PDF-format)

Article by Erik Nordahl Svendsen published in the magazine "International Journal of Digital Television" in November 2010.

The article also contains general information on the Danish TV-market.

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