Cultural Statistics

The statistics covering the cultural fields of The Agency for Culture and Palaces are continuously published in the StatBank.

Find statistics in Statistics Denmark’s Statbank:

Find data under “Culture and National Church” in the following cultural fields:

Museums and Cultural heritage

You can find statistics concerning museums, zoological gardens, botanical gardens, archives, listed buildings and ancient monuments. For example, the statistics include information on visits to museums or the geographical spread of protected buildings.


You can find statistics on public libraries and research libraries. For example, the statistics include information on the yearly spread of loans and borrowers.

Films, books and media

You can find statistics on cinemas, films, literature, books, daily papers, magazines, radio, and TV. For example, the statistics include information on the number of published books in Danish or the turnover of advertisements in media.

Music and theatres

You can find statistics on music schools, music and theatres. For example, the revenue from the sale of recorded music or activities on Danish theatres.


You can find statistics on sports participation, economics and employment of the sporting activities and sports infrastructure and resources. For example, adults sporting activities by sports or sport facilities by region and facility type. 

Cultural habits

You can find statistics on children’s’ and adults’ cultural habits. For example, children’s use of TV or adult’s time usage on selected cultural activities.

Culture, economy and employment

You can find statistics on economic conditions, education and employment and research in the cultural areas. For example, payments by the Ministry of culture, Cultural Business Demography and students on institutions belonging to the Ministry of Culture.

Folk high schools (Education and knowledge)

You can find statistics on participation in courses at folk high schools.

Statistics on cultural occupational sectors for example employment, workplaces, and level of education are also available at the Statbank.

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News and publications on the cultural field in Denmark


Statistics Denmark continuously publish news and publications based on updates of the statistics.

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