Museum conference 2016

The Relevant Museum - between core values and hard cash - november 2016

From the exhibition FARVEFEBER at J.F. Willumsens Museum, 2016. The exhibition sprung from a collaboration between the museum and Flügger A/S on developing a collection of wall colours based on some of the most distinctive colours in Willumsen’s palette. Photographer: Kirsten Bille

The conference was held, November 1st 2016

9.30                 Check in and coffee

10.00               Opening remarks by Jesper Hermansen, director of Agency for Culture and Palaces 

10.15               Minister of Culture, Mr. Bertel Haarder

10.30               The Relevant Museum – Now and In The Future

Ms. Karen Wong, Deputy Director, New Museum, New York
Which thoughts are behind an initiative such as New Inc. – the first museum-led incubator for art, design and technology? And what does it contribute to the museum, its self-understanding and relevance – both culturally and financially?

11.15               Re-making a museum

Mr. Richard Evans, Director Beamish Museum

Within the span of a few years, Beamish Open Air Museum, has gone through a transformation – from struggling museum to a very relevant and prospering attraction, which is still growing. What brought the change about and which strategies lie behind Remaking Beamish?

11.45               The Cultural Value Project 

Dr. Patricia Kaszynska, Project Manager, Cultural Value Scoping Project

Today there is an increased focus on measuring the value of culture. But is it realistic to measure these “soft values”, and if so, how it can be done? Through new research, critical literature reviews and specialist workshops, The Cultural Value Project, has resulted in a fresh approach to these very relevant and challenging questions.              

12.15               Lunch

13.00               Time for networking

13.30               Recap of the morning’s presentations, Mr. Lasse Marker

13.45               Focus: New communities. Where are the chairs?

Mr. Søren Normann Hansen, Administrative Director, Theatre Sort/Hvid
Needing chairs for their new performance space, Sort/Hvid engaged patrons by asking them to sponsor individual chairs. So the question remains - can you create new communities with crowdfunding?

14.05               Focus: Businesses and museums. Where and how can we meet?

Ms. Annette Johansen, Director of J.F. Willumsen’s Museum and Ms. Lone Bjørslev Kisbye, PR Manager, Flügger A/S

Wall painting is more than colours when an art museum and a large painting business partner up. Hear about the motivations behind and what has been gained by both parties.

14.25                Focus: Cultural Tourism: Destination Museum and/or Super Attraction?

Mr. Keld Møller Hansen, Director of Museum South East Denmark and Mr. Andreas Bonde Hansen, ph.d.

Camønoen is a new walking route created with the support of both local authorities, museums and citizens. Can this be defined as a super attraction? And which ingredients are needed to create one?   

14.45                Coffee break

15.00                Focus: The alternatives: Is selling objects from collections or changing the Museum Act the way forward?

Frank Birkebæk, Director of ROMU and Jane Sandberg, Director of ENIGMA have both contributed with features in national newspapers within the last year. In dialogue with Lasse Marker they will present their take on how museums and their framework(s) can adapt to both present and future conditions.

15.20                Debate panel with the afternoon’s speakers

15.50                Concluding remarks by Mr. Lasse Marker

16.00                End of the day

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